Pride and Prejudice: Letter to Mrs Elizabeth Bennet – Sample 399 words

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Several days ago, I deemed to explain to you the idea of an ‘accomplished’ woman, conversely due to the lack of explanation the description conveyed was rather uninformative and tedious. Consequently, I write in another attempt to clarify my points, as I am not one who is virtuous at expressing myself verbally.

Women are to be perfect with a decent family background, impeccable manners and perfect etiquette. Though an ‘accomplished’ woman must also have talents in music, drawing, dancing and a modern language to deserve the word.

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Such expected features apply to the women of your class. Miss Bennet, on that day at Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s estate, I listened vigilantly to the pianoforte being played by you and observed that it requires practice. Such perfection is highly required to those who play the pianoforte, as this justifies you to be an ‘accomplished’ woman.

Miss Bennet, as you may know, women of this century must marry and obey men, as we hold all the resources.

You and others of your kind have no independent means of subsistence. However, if the woman disapproves on marrying a man, then she will be critically discriminated from both the family and the public. Moreover, very little choice is offered to the women since their possessions, inheritances and earnings become treasures to us men at marriage. Essentially you do not gain anything beside a husband. Conversely, this is not part of the role of becoming an ‘accomplished’ woman but rather what you have to offer to pleasure men.

In terms of career, the possibility for you to have a profession is rather low. With strict legislation towards education for women, many courses are barred from allowing the female sex in university. Though, if you truly desire to partake a profession, then a pathway to being a teacher would hold you in the most respectable position in our society. Nonetheless, these offers are only available to the brightest student of age 13 or upward. Nevertheless, women of the upper class, yourself included, would find it more preferable to remain at home and practice perfecting each of the obligations to fulfill the role of an ‘accomplished’ woman.

Miss Bennet, this is my idea of an ‘accomplished’ woman. If you are able to fulfill such requests and obligations, then you will become the perfect woman in this society, consequently all men will select you as their wife.