Poems for Kindergarten (Hamlet Quotes) – Sample 559 words

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Not a mouse stirring, When the cat began purring. Quietly and stealthily away they crept, Fooling the hungry cat, Who sat and wept. Translation: All the mice sat very still like statues when they heard the cat coming their way. They knew that she was coming their way because they could hear her purring. They decided to escape. Then very quietly, almost like thieves, the mice ran away. The poor cat began to cry because she could catch no mice to eat.

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Poem 2: The King of Infinite Space The king of infinite space, Gave the beggar a bag of lace.

” I give thee a bag of peas” The beggar replied “But what’s the use milord, For its Gold I seek” Translation: A very rich king who ruled over the world and all of space out of generosity gives a beggar a beautiful bag made of lace. He believes that the beggar his hungry, so he fills the bag with peas for the beggar to it and tell him so.

But the beggar is a greedy man. He is not in the least happy with the food given to him. He wants to become rich. So the ungrateful beggar tells the king that the food is of no use because he was expecting money – gold coins.

Poem 3: Sweets to the Sweet Sweets to the sweet, Lemons to the sour. It’s good to be good, And bad to be bad. Translation: Sweets like candy and chocolates are given to people who are nice and sweet. Sour eatables like lemon are given to people who are sour. Sweet people are like sweets because they leave a good flavor in the mouth and sour people like lemons leave a bad taste. It is a good thing to be good because everybody will love you. It’s bad to be bad because no one will like you or love you, if you are mean to others. Poem 4: To Be or Not To Be

To be like an oak tree, With roots spreading far. Or be a pretty daisy, the little pink flower. So what will it be? Oh boy, Oh boy, to be or not to be. Translation: Do you want to be as strong as the oak tree, with your power spreading far and wide like its roots. Or do you want to be a pretty daisy flower that makes people happy with its beauty and nice smell. So what will it be? It is a difficult decision to make is it not, deciding whether to be one thing or not. Poem 5: The Memory is Green The memory is green, Of Granny’s house so white and clean.

I smudged the walls with colors black and blue Don’t blame. I was bored and had nothing to do. The memory is green when granny spanked me, With her red wooden brush, that was so heavy. I remember my Granny’s house very clearly. It seems just like yesterday that I was there. It was a nice little house with white walls all spick and span. But I was feeling naught and also I had nothing to do. So I took some colors and with my muddy hands I made prints and drawings on the walls. I also clearly remember the brush my gran spanked me with and it sure was heavy.